Current 93 - Birth Canal Blues

Birth Canal Blues

Current 93

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Current 93 - Birth Canal Blues

CURRENT 93 AS ANOK PE release this 4 track, 20 minute CD on the occasion of their last European tour for some time. With a full colour 8 page booklet, and with a lineup of David Tibet, Baby Dee and Andrew Liles, these are pre-echoes of the forthcoming album ALEPH AT HALLUCINATORY MOUNTAIN.

The four tracks, which will not be released in this form on the album, are:

1. I Looked to the South Side of the Door;
2. She took us to the Places where the Sun Sets;
3. The Nylon Lion Attacks as Kingdom;
4. Suddenly the Living are Dying.


Download EP (DURTRO JNANA 93)
  1. Looked To The South Side Of The Door
  2. She Took Us To The Places Where The Sun Sets
  3. The Nylon Lion Attacks As Kingdom
  4. Suddenly The Living Are Dying