Current 93 - Birth Canal Blues

Birth Canal Blues

Current 93

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Current 93 - Birth Canal Blues

CURRENT 93 AS ANOK PE release this 4 track, 20 minute CD on the occasion of their last European tour for some time. With a full colour 8 page booklet, and with a lineup of David Tibet, Baby Dee and Andrew Liles, these are pre-echoes of the forthcoming album ALEPH AT HALLUCINATORY MOUNTAIN.

The four tracks, which will not be released in this form on the album, are:

1. I Looked to the South Side of the Door;
2. She took us to the Places where the Sun Sets;
3. The Nylon Lion Attacks as Kingdom;
4. Suddenly the Living are Dying.


Download EP (DURTRO JNANA 93)
  1. Current 93 - Looked To The South Side Of The Door
  2. Current 93 - She Took Us To The Places Where The Sun Sets
  3. Current 93 - The Nylon Lion Attacks As Kingdom
  4. Current 93 - Suddenly The Living Are Dying