Current 93 - Black Ships Ate the Sky with free Black Ships Heat The Dancefloor CD

Black Ships Ate the Sky with free Black Ships Heat The Dancefloor CD

Current 93

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Current 93 - Black Ships Ate the Sky with free Black Ships Heat The Dancefloor CD

Dual Disc CD/DVD containing 2 Matmos remixes and 2 JG Thirlwell remixes along with 2 videos made by Cam Archer).



Full colour digipak containing a 56 page colour booklet containing an introductory note on the writing of the album by David, all the lyrics, details of those who created the album, colour photographs of all the Current 93 family on the album, website details for everyone, Hallucinatory Patripassianist colour illustrations and BlackShipText on each page, and the names of all those who supported the recording, and the release, of this album by subscribing to it in advance. The CD and booklet are inserted into a shrinkwrapped slipcase.

This item is also available from Jnana Records.


This is a double vinyl album containing the same tracks as the 'Black Ships Ate The Sky' CD. It comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with much new artwork, a stunning gatefold painting by Seth Cox-Dorée of myself seeing the Black Ships arrive whilst Christ and AntiChrist appear in the sky and Great Baal watches over the all, and an extensive booklet with all lyrics and band photographs. Some of the photographs of band members are different to those on the CD. We will be making between 1000–1500 copies. Advance orders are now being taken.


Download Album (DURTRO JNANA 2112CD)
  1. Current 93 & Marc Almond - Idumea
  2. Current 93 - Sunset (The Death Of Thumbelina)
  3. Current 93 - Black Ships In The Sky
  4. Current 93 - Then Kill Cæsar
  5. Current 93 & Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Idumea (Vocals Bonnie "Prince" Billy)
  6. Current 93 - This Autistic Imperium Is Nihil Reich
  7. Current 93 - The Dissolution Of The Boat "Millions Of Years"
  8. Current 93 & Baby Dee - Idumea (Vocals - Baby Dee)
  9. Current 93 - Bind Your Tortoise Mouth
  10. Current 93 & Antony - Idumea (Vocals - Antony)
  11. Current 93 - Black Ships Seen Last Year South Of Heaven
  12. Current 93 - Abba Amma (Babylon Destroyer)
  13. Current 93 & Clodagh Simonds - Idumea (Vocals - Clodagh Simonds)
  14. Current 93 & Cosey Fanni Tutti - Black Ships Were Sinking / Idumea (Vocals - Cosey Fanni Tutti)
  15. Current 93 & Antony - The Beautiful Dancing Dust
  16. Current 93 & Pantaleimon - Idumea (Vocals - Pantaleimon)
  17. Current 93 - Vauvauvau (Black Ships In Their Harbour)
  18. Current 93 & David Tibet - Idumea (Vocals - David Tibet)
  19. Current 93 - Black Ships Ate The Sky
  20. Current 93 - Why Cæsar Is Burning Part II
  21. Current 93 & Shirley Collins - Idumea (Vocals - Shirley Collins)