Current 93 - Horsey


Current 93

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Current 93 - Horsey

David Tibet
Steven Stapleton
Tony Wakeford
Douglas P.
Makoto Kawaguchi
Ichihara Shinya
Uchida Ryuji
Takashima Satoru
Sleeve Notes:
Current 93 on the crippled hobbyhorse in England:
David Tibet, Steven Stapleton, Tony Wakeford, Dik, Douglas P.

Current 93 on the seared shore of Shizuka:
David Tibet, Kawagachi Makoto, Ichihara Shinya, Uchida Ryuji, Takashima Satoru.

Tracks I to III were mixed by Steven Stapleton and engineered by Colin Potter at ICR Studios, Tollerton, York.

Tracks IV to VI were originally released on the Horse album, available as a 12" record in a box set with Lumbs Sister by Nurse With Wound and Lex Talionisby Sol Invictus. The box set was limited to 2000 copies.

Track VI first appeared on a 7" record given away with the Ptolemaic Terrascope magazine.

Track IV is previously unreleased.

All tracks by D. Tibet / Current 93, except "Diana" which is written by Colin Pearson and published by Our Music Ltd. It appeared on the stunning First Utterance album by Comus.


Download Album (DURTRO032CD)
  1. Diana
  2. The Death of the Corn
  3. Tree
  4. Broken Birds Fly I (Maldoror Waits)
  5. Horsey
  6. Broken Birds Fly II (Maldoror Waits)